From the Inside Out

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Every woman who has had a baby, sometime in her life, deserves a musculoskeletal assessment of abdominal muscle separation, pelvic floor muscle function, postural alignment and coordination of deep trunk muscles. These help to prevent incontinence, prolapse, back pain and sexual dysfunction.

Postpartum Strong® – from the inside out, is a unique musculoskeletal program developed for women post delivery to regain muscle strength of their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Clinical research now supports rehabilitation after a normal or challenging birth or pregnancy to prevent incontinence, prolapse and/or sexual dysfunction. The components of the program are:

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Insurance will likely cover the first and third components of this program. Classes are offered quarterly at St. Mary’s Bon Secours Hospital. Check our social calendar for upcoming dates:


Give our office a call to set up an evaluation: 804-282-3500

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