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Prepare & Protect! 

Your birth plan has been meticulously laid out down to the last detail . . . but what about your post-birth plan? Delivering a baby is hard work and can take a toll on a woman’s body! It’s important to know how your body may change during pregnancy and the post-delivery period and what you can do about it!

We highly recommend all women see a pelvic floor physical therapist during their pregnancy! 

pregnancyPost-Birth Plan Evaluation & Treatment:

A women’s health physical therapist will evaluate key areas of muscle weakness and pain and create a customized treatment and exercise plan that is unique to your diagnosis and personal goals.  You will also receive valuable information on how to protect your body during delivery and a plan of action for the post-delivery period.

      *Most major insurances cover this treatment. For more info, give us a call or visit our insurance page here.


Artboard_1-10-128Post-Birth Plan Screening:

This screening is best for those who do not have any known issues, and want to take a proactive approach! This is a preventive screening with a women’s health specialty therapist to check your abs, pelvic floor, posture, pelvic stability and functional movement. This is a screening only and does not include a full evaluation or treatment. (Cost: $45)


Get started with your post-birth plan today! 







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