“How Can I Have Faster Recovery Post-Baby?”

What happens if you do too much too soon post-baby_ (3).png

Sit-ups, planks, burpees, tons of cardio, barre, Pilates, CrossFit and/or HIIT routines…? 💦
Actually, (and according to research-based studies) your body recovers faster when you -first- strengthen from the inside out.
This may mean doing exercises that feel so gentle, you may not feel like you are exercising at all. 🧘
After having a baby👶, focusing on regaining strength, endurance and coordination of your pelvic floor muscles, in combination with your deep trunk muscles, is a MUST.
Being able to properly engage your pelvic floor muscles means you will reduce your risk for so many issues down the road (or current ones), like abdominal muscle separation (#diastasis), bladder leakage when exercising, coughing, laughing and sneezing, prolapse and painful or unsatisfying intercourse.
Wow! Who knew that not sweating profusely 💦 could have such a huge impact on post-baby recovery!!💃
If you are planning on starting an exercise program or gym routine – PLEASE – get a pelvic floor exam first and coordinate care with a pelvic floor physical therapist. 🌺


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