Yes, it’s that time of year again . . . !

It’s time for the ISSWSH Annual Meeting 2017! I always look forward to these conferences and the opportunity afforded for communication among scholars, researchers, and fellow practitioners about women’s sexual function and health.

This year’s annual meeting is in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia!



The theme of this year’s meeting is The Embodied Mind, and we have an intriguing line-up of speakers and topics that will explore the core components of the mind-body relationship as they relate to female sexual expression, physiological milieu, resilience, and change.

ISSWSH is the only society devoted to a multidisciplinary understanding of female sexuality across the lifespan and is led by a passionate group of international academics, clinicians, health professionals, and scientists who have largely shaped the field of female sexual health research.

The attendee line-up include gynecologists, sex therapists, clinical psychologists, patient advocates, physical therapists (YES!!), family physicians, nurse practitioners, basic scientists, clinical researchers, sex educators, and trainees who share this passion for understanding and actively promoting female sexual health.



The field of female sexuality is approaching a critical turning point in its evolution. We are positioned to explore, question, and potentially redefine the traditional sexual constructs we have inherited, as these ideas do not capture the broad spectrum of sexuality we encounter in the streets, in the clinic, in the lab, or in our homes. This freedom is both exhilarating and terrifying. We are entering one of the most exciting periods of change in modern sexology. Every step forward is a small revolution.






Photo Credits: Dr. Cora Huitt
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