Nurture RVA Birth & Baby Fair 2017

Planning a pregnancy, currently pregnant or in the early stages of parenting?

The Nurture RVA Birth and Baby Fair brings together expecting and new families with the care providers, businesses, and organizations that serve families during this exciting and challenging life transition.

This year’s Nurture Birth & Baby Fair promised an amazing mix of passionate speakers, fun and informational demonstrations and a wide array of resources and vendors to support pregnancy and parenting! They definitely delivered . . . !


If you were not able to attend this year’s event, here is a little recap for you:

The Science Museum of Virginia partnered with Nurture this year and provided an incredible venue for everyone attending! The setup started around 8AM and by 10AM, people started trickling in with curious and excited faces.

Some of the ventures this year included MyBirth, Candy Bears-Kim who is a pediatric sleep consultant, Happy Latch, Embrace, Massage Therapists, Doulas, Midwives and much more!

Along with local pregnancy, birth and postpartum resources, there were fabulous raffle prizes, massages, and awesome demonstrators, such as NurtureCORE Kids Academy Women’s Health Physical Therapy CarryBean

CarryBean’s demonstration

Along with being one of the vendors at this year’s Nurture fair, we had the wonderful opportunity to be one of the demonstrators! Our focus was as follows:

U.S. women who have babies deserve musculoskeletal screening like women in Canada, Australia, and France! Come learn to be POSTPARTUM STRONG® by practicing exercises to prevent a “mummy tummy”, leaking, prolapse, and…sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Cora Huitt giving a brief presentation on pelvic floor education and the options available through specialized physical therapy.
Dr. Casey Smith checking for abdominal muscle separation, also known as a diastasis recti.
Dr. Cora Huitt taking a posture picture to show that small changes can make a huge difference in how we feel and heal!












Here are Women’s Health Physical Therapy, we love educating our community on the importance of supporting your pelvic floor function, postural alignment, abdominal and deep trunk muscles, coupled with proper breathing. Focusing on the “core 4” helps to prevent incontinence, prolapse, back pain and sexual dysfunction.

Even Nutzy, The RVA Flying Squirrel’s mascot, got in on the action!






Published by Dr. Cora T Huitt

Cora T. Huitt, PT, DPT, BCB-PMD ~Thirty seven years of clinical practice, specializing in women's health for fifteen years. ~BS Degree in Allied Health Professions, Ohio State University, '72. ~Master of Arts in College Teaching (MACT) focus in Physical Therapy & Therapeutic Exercise, University of North Carolina, '76. ~ Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Alabama State University, 2010 ~Attended multiple courses offered in Women's Health Physical Therapy, including Pelvic 1, 2, 3 Course in Women's Health Section APTA. ~Member of VPTA and APTA, Women's Health Section. ~BCIA-PMDB Biofeedback- Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback. ~Certified Pilates instructor, ProHealth. ~Affiliate member of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. ~Member of International Continence Society. ~Member of National Vulvodynia Association. ~Adjunct Clinical Faculty for student affiliation at multiple universities. ~Director of APTA Women's Health Residency since 2007, credentialed in 2008. (only other residency at Duke Unviersity)

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