Moms Circle Event : All about breastfeeding with Happy Latch!


breastfeeding mom.png

Moms . . .are you pregnant, currently breastfeeding, frustrated with past attempts or just wanting to learn  more in preparation for your next baby?


Women’s Health Physical Therapy is hosting a Moms Circle Meetup group that will focus on breastfeeding! We are excited to have Priscilla Moore, owner of Happy Latch, who is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), as our speaker!

Priscilla Moore will be incorporating information on healthy foods, healthy sleep routines for new parents and babies, establishing milk supply and also the big topic of nursing in public!

Along with our main theme, we will be discussing a variety of other topics, such as back and pelvic pain and exercise do’s and don’ts during pregnancy and postpartum.

*(We know getting out of the house and finding the right sitter can be a hassle….so feel free to bring your little ones…and your friends too!)





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