4 Ways To Make the Most Out Of Your Pelvic Floor PT Appointments!

We know as a mother, you are very . . . very . . . busy. It can be hard to make time for yourself, so you want to make sure your efforts are well worth the time invested.

With this in mind, here are 4 top ways you can make the most out of your appointments:

1️⃣Come prepared. We know you’ll have a lot of questions! Make a list of your questions and bring them in to your appointment. During your visits, ALL questions are welcome.  We want you to feel comfortable and well informed with each visit, each procedure, and each treatment.  When you have questions  . . . we will be well equipped to have an informed discussion with you.

* Also, bring in any prior doctors notes, test results or procedure results that may be relevant to your present condition. If you are not sure,  go ahead and mention any prior therapy, surgeries and procedures to your therapist during your first visit.


2️⃣ Be prepared to learn. All of those late night Googling sessions can offer up a lot of information that can be helpful but often confusing and/or conflicting. As specialty trained women’s health physical therapists, we want you to be well informed about your body and how it works.  We aim to educate, inform and empower our patients with the most up-to-date research based information on your particular diagnosis.



3️⃣ Be patient with your body.  Healing and re-training your muscles can be a slow process. Every”body” responds differently to therapy and treatments.  Pain and musculoskeletal dysfunctions oftentimes contains many layers and requires a multi disciplinary approach.  Some patients require just a couple of visits while others require much more.  Trust the process and be patient with your body!



4️⃣ Do your homework! Pelvic floor PT requires teamwork. Much of your therapy depends on lifestyle / ergonomics changes outside of your PT sessions. Make sure  you are setting time aside to do the home exercises your therapist prescribed. If you are not sure if you are doing them correctly, bring that up on your next appointment so that your therapists can review them with you.  We are working together to achieve your goals!


One thing’s for sure . . . we absolutely love what we do. Equipping and empowering our patient’s with the tools and knowledge they need to reduce pain and increase strength is our passion!


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