Let’s Talk About Sex

Sexual Health Awareness Week is Wed 14th Feb – Wed 21st Feb 2018. Sexual health is such a big topic and there are many different things that come to mind for each person.

For those who deal with sexual dysfunction, this topic can be especially hard.

In honor of this very important topic, we’d like to feature Dr. Katherine Bettin in this blog post.


Dr. Katherine Bettin is one of the only AASECT-certified sex and relationship psychologists in Richmond. As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and grandmother, her life has always revolved around maintaining strong relationships with those around her.

So it wasn’t surprising when she followed a calling to become a therapist. Despite the challenges of raising four children while going back to school, Dr. Bettin recognizes that decision as one of the most important moments in her life.

Clients are frequently curious as to how Dr. Bettin became interested in the sexual side of individual and couples counseling. It began as a professional interest — a desire to give more complete and helpful therapy to her clients. As she worked with couples and individuals, sexual issues surfaced again and again. Most of her clients had never spoken with anyone about their sexual concerns, and it became clear that most marriage and family therapists hadn’t been encouraging that kind of open conversation.

Dr. Bettin soon realized that she had no such reluctance exploring sexual issues with her clients, and in turn, they began to feel more and more comfortable discussing this critical part of their lives. In order to help her clients more comprehensively, she became certified in this relatively new but growing field of psychology, challenging even her own inherited notions of sexuality in the process!

Today, Dr. Bettin continues to help individuals and couples conquer their sexual and relationship challenges, putting them back on track to lasting happiness.


Dr. Bettin was recently interviewed by RVA News. Check out this audio interview below:

Interview with RVA News

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Susan Howson of RVA News sat down for an interview with Dr. Bettin. In an audio version of the interview, they discuss what relationship counseling is like, what it can do for you, and how Katherine goes about helping her clients. Follow the link to listen!


During a session with Dr. Bettin, she answers questions such as


Katherine V. Bettin, Ph.D.


To schedule an appointment or have an introductory conversation, you can find her contact information here.


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