Every”body” is Unique!

Healing & re-training.png


Healing and re-training your muscles can be a slow process. 🐌

Every”body” responds differently to therapy and treatments. Our therapists take into consideration your particular goals and how your body is responding to exercises, manual therapies and modalities.


Pain and musculoskeletal dysfunctions often contain many layers and may require a multi disciplinary approach. We assess you as an individual, not just your diagnosis or symptoms. For example, if you come in with back pain . . . we will not only assess your lumbar musculoskeletal function, but also other coordinating muscle groups, such as your pelvic floor muscles and deep trunk muscles.


How long will I have to come to therapy?


Some patients require just a couple of visits while others require much more. Generally, twice a week for four to six weeks is the time it takes for muscles to gain strength, endurance and coordination. The time needed for therapy will also depend on the complexity of your issue, how your body responds and if you are doing your homework (home exercise program).

Trust the process and be patient with your body!


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