That Time Kathe Wallace Came To Our Clinic…


We are so honored to have hosted a course with the one and only Kathe Wallace! 🌸 .

Advanced Clinical Practice Skills

Kathe Wallace is a nationally recognized leader in the pelvic floor specialty of physical therapy! You can learn more about her amazing work here.

Our team, along with 20 other practitioners from across the U.S., reviewed advanced techniques, expanding our repertoire of pelvic floor examination of fascial and pelvic floor anatomy applicable to patients with POP, urinary incontinence and some types of pelvic pain.

Techniques were taught which will not only aid in the conservative management of prolapse, but also help patients make lifestyle changes which can help decrease overall re-occurrence of symptoms, even after surgical intervention.


Objective Assessment

We learned how to assess prolapse in a more objective manner, which not only allows us to communicate more clearly to the patient what is occurring, but also facilitate proper interdisciplinary communication between other healthcare providers regarding POP.


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