“He aprendido mucho!”- Reaching the women at CrossOver Healthcare Ministry

Women’s Health Physical Therapy of Richmond spent the morning at CrossOver Healthcare Ministry screening pregnancy and postpartum patients for common ailments seen during and after pregnancy. CrossOver Healthcare Ministry provides quality and compassionate health care to the uninsured in the greater Richmond Metropolitan area. These screenings spanned from posture analysis and child care body mechanics to pelvic alignment and abdominal muscle separation. The PTs provided the women with tips and tools to decrease pain and risk of further complications.



While some women came into the screening room excited and somewhat familiar with the PT profession, other women were hesitant and unsure about participating in the screening. One woman in particular expressed that she only wanted to observe the other women having their screenings. However, after only a few minutes, that same woman informed the translator that she was ready to be screened, too.


Throughout her one-on-one screening, she received education on ways to protect herself, as well as her baby. By the end of her screen. this woman excitedly explained how she had learned so many new things and felt that she understood her body a little bit better than before. Every women left the screening room that day with a little more knowledge, a little less back pain, and a lot more confidence.


Each of the therapists from WHPT have participated in international health outreach and education projects. They believe that every individual, regardless of language or location should have the tools available to them to protect themselves and provide the best possible care for their infants.


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