“Ouch…My Tailbone Hurts!”

“I’ve heard the term…but what is Coccydynia?” Plain ‘n simple….it is pain in the region of the coccyx (tailbone). This can happen for a variety of reasons, and is often a cause of post-delivery pelvic pain. What does the coccyx do and where is it located? The coccyx serves as an attachment site for tendons,Continue reading ““Ouch…My Tailbone Hurts!””

As an athlete, girls have been told it’s ok if they leak. Is this true?

As an athlete, girls have been told it’s ok if they leak. Is this true? Performing impact sports such as running or gymnastics can fatigue the pelvic floor muscles that hold the pelvis together and support the pelvic organs. Pelvic floor muscles must be strengthened and work together with the abdominals and deep back muscles.Continue reading “As an athlete, girls have been told it’s ok if they leak. Is this true?”

Why Didn’t I Know That 1 In 4 Women Leak?

We asked women to send us their most frequently asked questions about bladder issues and leakage . . . so by popular demand, here they are! The answers here are brief. For a more in-depth look at these issues, use our search tool to find specific blog posts on topics such as, “frequent urination”, “stressContinue reading “Why Didn’t I Know That 1 In 4 Women Leak?”

“Why do I still look pregnant?”

  Scenario . . .  A new mom has given birth to a healthy baby boy. She is about 6 weeks post-delivery and has been able to lose her pregnancy weight fairly quickly . . . all except for that stubborn stomach area that seems to just poke out.  She feels like she is severalContinue reading ““Why do I still look pregnant?””

“He aprendido mucho!”- Reaching the women at CrossOver Healthcare Ministry

Women’s Health Physical Therapy of Richmond spent the morning at CrossOver Healthcare Ministry screening pregnancy and postpartum patients for common ailments seen during and after pregnancy. CrossOver Healthcare Ministry provides quality and compassionate health care to the uninsured in the greater Richmond Metropolitan area. These screenings spanned from posture analysis and child care body mechanicsContinue reading ““He aprendido mucho!”- Reaching the women at CrossOver Healthcare Ministry”

You’re Not Alone! Pelvic Floor Weakness Affects Many Women

Hello all, I wanted to share this article as I am aware that so many women still feel that they are part of a small group suffering from pelvic floor weakness and do not realize just how many other women are affected! As part of a women’s health PT protocol, it’s important to focus onContinue reading “You’re Not Alone! Pelvic Floor Weakness Affects Many Women”


Please join us for our Open House at our Bremo Road location on November 17th from 5:30PM-7:30PM. We will be raffling off a $50 gift card and Marie Chantal bear suit from 1Z 2Z 3Z, an adorable baby boutique on Patterson Avenue in Richmond, Virginia! We will also be providing free post-pregnancy assessments as part of our Postpartum Strong® program, free exercise class andContinue reading “OPEN HOUSE : COCKTAILS AND FREE POST-DELIVERY SCREENINGS!”