Having a Baby is Like an Athletic Event.

Women across the world 🌎 routinely see a musculoskeletal specialist, a physical therapist, not just for sports injury and ortho rehab… but to decrease pain and increase function, after having a baby! 👶 . This is why we created Postpartum Strong . . . a specialized and individualized program for women during their last trimester … More Having a Baby is Like an Athletic Event.

“How Can I Have Faster Recovery Post-Baby?”

Sit-ups, planks, burpees, tons of cardio, barre, Pilates, CrossFit and/or HIIT routines…? 💦 . Actually, (and according to research-based studies) your body recovers faster when you -first- strengthen from the inside out. . This may mean doing exercises that feel so gentle, you may not feel like you are exercising at all. 🧘 . After … More “How Can I Have Faster Recovery Post-Baby?”

The Role of Physical Therapy After Surgery and During Cancer Treatment

The goal of physical therapy after surgery and during cancer treatment (radiation, chemotherapy) is to minimize side effects and to optimize function. . Physical Therapy interventions include: . Manual Therapy: Manual Therapy is defined as skilled hands on treatment to the joints, muscles, fascia and scar. This can help with restricted range of motion, pain … More The Role of Physical Therapy After Surgery and During Cancer Treatment

Post-Birth Plan?

There is a lot of pressure on women, post-delivery, to just “snap back”. There is also a lot of conflicting info out there on how to go about healing and strengthening after having a baby. . Getting a postpartum musculoskeletal assessment is a crucial step in helping to identify weaknesses, dysfunctions, and help with your … More Post-Birth Plan?

You really want to join in but … leakage.

  ➡️”Mom, come jump with me on the trampoline!”⬅️strikes fear in your heart😱, you may benefit from a little pelvic floor TLC! . . If this is you, you’re not alone …. bladder leakage is common but NOT normal! There are many other options available, that do not require surgery, medication or wearing pads everyday. … More You really want to join in but … leakage.

Ensuring Support for Breastfeeding Families

Breastfeeding is an amazing commitment that comes with many challenges and rewards. The benefits of breastfeeding are endless for both mother and baby, from protection from infectious diseases, to cardiovascular health benefits, to improving mental health and confidence for parents (Horta, 2007).  In 2003, the World Health Organization recommended infants be exclusively breastfed until six … More Ensuring Support for Breastfeeding Families

A New Paradigm for Postpartum Care!

ACOG Redesigns Postpartum Care Given the urgent need to reduce severe maternal morbidity and mortality, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) released today a revised Committee Opinion to reinforce the importance of the “fourth trimester,” and to propose a new paradigm for postpartum care. Redefining postpartum care is an initiative set forth by ACOG President … More A New Paradigm for Postpartum Care!