Finally, Someone Listened To Me

86% of postpartum women experience some kind of sexual problem: 🔴 Painful/uncomfortable intercourse 🔴 Lack of arousal 🔴 Lack of orgasm 🔴 Decreased sensation . ➡️ Your pain is REAL. ➡️ Your frustrations are REAL . Your sexual health is important. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, find a pelvic floor physical therapistContinue reading “Finally, Someone Listened To Me”

Why Am I Suffering From Embarrassing Leakage?

  Why do some women suffer from embarrassing leakage 💦 when exercising, while others seem to crank out the miles on their bike without a drop?🚴‍♀️ . There are many reasons for bladder leakage during activity, but the overall underlying cause is a weak sphincter muscle (that holds the urethra closed) and/or weak pelvic floorContinue reading “Why Am I Suffering From Embarrassing Leakage?”

That Time Kathe Wallace Came To Our Clinic…

We are so honored to have hosted a course with the one and only Kathe Wallace! 🌸 . Advanced Clinical Practice Skills Kathe Wallace is a nationally recognized leader in the pelvic floor specialty of physical therapy! You can learn more about her amazing work here. Our team, along with 20 other practitioners from across theContinue reading “That Time Kathe Wallace Came To Our Clinic…”

1 in 7 Women Suffer From This…

May is Pelvic Pain Awareness Month. . As pelvic floor physical therapists, a large percentage of patients who come to see us, are experiencing pelvic pain. . CPP can be caused by many things such as #vulvodynia, #vaginismus, #endometriosis, musculoskeletal problems, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, scar tissue post-surgery, irritable bowel syndrome (#IBS), painful bladder syndrome (interstitial cystitis) .Continue reading “1 in 7 Women Suffer From This…”

“Accidents” Do Happen

Bladder leakage is a physical condition that affects an estimated 14 million Americans every day. 💧 . It happens to both men and women of any age, and is a result of a variety of physical conditions. . Struggling with urinary incontinence can leave you feeling embarrassed and alone. . Your body seems to beContinue reading ““Accidents” Do Happen”

Treat The Mom In Your Life!

Need a gift for the mom in your life? A therapeutic massage is a great way to show her you care! Therapeutic massage can help to alleviate stress, digestive disorders, muscle tension, and so much more! Want to purchase a gift certificate? Send us a message or drop by our office! Office Location: 2002 BremoContinue reading “Treat The Mom In Your Life!”

BIG NEWS: FDA Halts All Sales of Vaginal Mesh Products

BIG NEWS: FDA Halts All Sales of Vaginal Mesh Products (Source: . If you are dealing with incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse, clinical evidence has shown that pelvic floor physical therapy can help! . One of the contributing factors for urinary incontinence and prolapse is a weakening of the pelvic floor. . Pelvic floorContinue reading “BIG NEWS: FDA Halts All Sales of Vaginal Mesh Products”

This Assessment Should be a Part of Every Woman’s Post-Birth Plan

…even though a woman may look “back to normal” on the outside, very often the pelvic floor & abdominal muscles are still weak from pregnancy & birth.🤰 . . . Many women will experience nagging issues like peeing when exercising, painful intercourse, pelvic pain and discomfort and weak abdominal muscles.🧘 . . . These issuesContinue reading “This Assessment Should be a Part of Every Woman’s Post-Birth Plan”

Avoid Pain and Improve Function

50-70% of those who are pregnant experience back pain and other complaints. Often, muscle strength and flexibility are not optimal for the childbearing year. It is important to be fit to prepare for these changes to avoid pain and improve function. Women’s health physical therapists have specialized training in changes occurring during a woman’s lifeContinue reading “Avoid Pain and Improve Function”