5 Tips to Ease Stress after Delivery

Having a baby is a joyful time, but can also be stressful. Every mother’s experience is different, so there is no surefire way to make sure everything will go the way that you want or expect it to. This story examines several ways to naturally ease stress as you acclimate to your new normal, however.

massageTake Care of Yourself Physically

Exercise, meditation, and proper nutrition are important to good health and well being. Many women’s bodies change in unexpected ways during pregnancy and delivery, so visiting a chiropractor for an adjustment or getting a massage may help to ease the physical stress that the experience placed on the body. Having a musculoskeletal assessment done can also help you to avoid physical complications that may stem from having a baby. This may seem like a luxury that you just don’t have time for, but is so crucial to helping you bounce back and have more energy and better well being for yourself and  your family.

Seek Humorlaughing

Laughter has shown to ease stress, regardless of the source of that stress. Becoming a mom provides plenty of unexpected laughs, but seeking out humor intentionally can help to keep the emotional stresses from getting to you. Watching funny sitcoms, spending time with good friends, and even looking up comical videos and sayings online may help to keep your perspective positive.

Rely on Others for Support

Relying on friends and family to assist with tasks and provide emotional support can help to ease the pressures of motherhood immensely. Speaking to someone about fears and frustrations can help to vent the stress and provide a healthier emotional balance than bottling up feelings. If you feel overwhelmed with stress and the support of friends and family is not enough to ease the stress, seeking out a therapist or postpartum doula may help you to find ways to cope.

sleeping babyEnjoy Your New Baby

While it may seem that there are a million things to do when there is new baby, stopping them all to take time to enjoy the new baby can ease stress and make it all seem worthwhile. Cuddling with the new baby and interacting can create bonds that will last a lifetime. Taking time out just to snuggle up and rest or to play can help to ease the pressures and give you renewed energy and motivation to face the new responsibilities.

Give Yourself Time to Adjustfamily

Many women make the mistake of expecting to jump right back into life the way it was before pregnancy after delivery. Recovering both physically and emotionally takes time, however. Changing your mindset and giving yourself time to adjust to your new schedule, responsibilities, and physical capabilities without self-judgment may help to ease stress and facilitate a smoother transition. 

If you have any tips that you’d like to share that helped you to ease stress after delivery, please share!


Thank you to our guest blogger:

amanda blogger


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