“The French Government Wants To Tone My Vagina”

cora headshot 2In the age of information, including the internet, an individual can research any topic. Since each person has limited knowledge, discerning fact from fiction is often a challenge. In regards to postpartum rehabilitation, most women seek their own fitness plan to snap back from magazines and the internet.

Women are seldom advised by their own exercise program, often to their detriment. For example, performing sit ups can cause separation of the abdominal muscles due to increased intra-abdominal pressure from holding their breath  and stretched connective tissue from pregnancy, weight gain and hormone change. Below is a recent post that discusses pelvic floor rehabilitation which is routinely done in France, la rééducation périnéale. 


4 thoughts on ““The French Government Wants To Tone My Vagina”

  1. I think this is important that women know there is something that can be done other than suffer in pain. Maybe with more research on this the US will follow suit.


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