Taking Care of Business

PT for Pelvic Floor Health                                                                  There is a widely held misconception that pelvic floor-related symptoms are an inevitable part of being a woman.Continue reading “Taking Care of Business”

“The party is over…now who’s going to help me clean up?”

  As a clinician who’s been treating patients for over 42 years and very active in the community with educating the public on women’s health issues, I’ve heard a lot. I believe it’s important to have an honest dialogue with my patients and create a safe space for them to ask the tough questions. Education isContinue reading ““The party is over…now who’s going to help me clean up?””

“Sometimes I pee when I’m running!”

In a recent research study of 112 elite female athletes, 54% of the participants reported leakage with sneezing or coughing. 86% were slightly bothered by the symptoms. Both women who have never been pregnant and those who had children, suffer with incontinence. A high impact sport such as running, seems to increase the risk ofContinue reading ““Sometimes I pee when I’m running!””