Physical therapy can help women bounce back after pregnancy

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Moms, do you feel like your body still isn’t recovered from having a baby? An appointment with a specialized physical therapist may be what the doctor ordered. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW HERE Amanda Moore is a mom of three, including eight-month-olds Eli and Nora. “I was very busy withContinue reading “Physical therapy can help women bounce back after pregnancy”

Physical Therapy for Postpartum Problems

Amanda Moore sits in a straight-back chair with a red physical therapy ball between her knees and a yellow ball between her right knee and the wall. The exercises that Angela Poole Seamster, a licensed physical therapist assistant, instructs Moore to do are to help alleviate muscle and joint aches and pains Moore has beenContinue reading “Physical Therapy for Postpartum Problems”

Taking Care of Business

PT for Pelvic Floor Health                                                                  There is a widely held misconception that pelvic floor-related symptoms are an inevitable part of being a woman.Continue reading “Taking Care of Business”

“The party is over…now who’s going to help me clean up?”

  As a clinician who’s been treating patients for over 42 years and very active in the community with educating the public on women’s health issues, I’ve heard a lot. I believe it’s important to have an honest dialogue with my patients and create a safe space for them to ask the tough questions. Education isContinue reading ““The party is over…now who’s going to help me clean up?””

“Sometimes I pee when I’m running!”

In a recent research study of 112 elite female athletes, 54% of the participants reported leakage with sneezing or coughing. 86% were slightly bothered by the symptoms. Both women who have never been pregnant and those who had children, suffer with incontinence. A high impact sport such as running, seems to increase the risk ofContinue reading ““Sometimes I pee when I’m running!””